2 thoughts on “Insect thermogenesis

  1. Nice one, Glenn. How long was it in the ‘fridge?

    On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 5:22 AM Tattersall Lab (T.E.M.P.) wrote:

    > gtattersall posted: ” A luna moth was on our window outside the department > yesterday. So, we brought it inside for a lab show and tell. Shivering up a > storm…. Thorax temperature up to 32C, while the abdomen temperature was > still below 20C (the lab was ~21C, and” >


  2. very briefly to be honest, although yesterday was rainy and air temp was below 20C when we brought indoors. I think my colleague put it in the fridge for about 5 min and then I grabbed the thermal cam.


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