Tattersall Lab

The Tattersall lab is a dynamic research environment for the discovery of mechanisms important to animal adaptations to extreme environments.  The Principal Investigator, Dr. Glenn Tattersall, Brock University, and his diverse team of students and associates focus on a broad range of questions in thermal biology, with a focus on the following themes:


Our interests primarily focus on aspects of thermoregulation and how temperature affects  animal lives.


We study interesting and unique animals in order to discover the means or mechanisms of physiological adaptations.  The evolution of physiological responses is central to many big questions, including the origins of endothermy to the transition from water to land in early tetrapods.


Temperature profoundly influences energy needs and metabolic processes in animals are temperature sensitive.  Understanding metabolism and energetics is key to any study of physiology.


Form and function derive from physiology.  Behaviour is shaped by how the body responds to the environment.  Physiological responses encompass everything from how animals sense their environment to how the brain controls their responses.

Glenn Tattersall
Professor, Biological Sciences
Brock University