Prospective Students


My lab is interested in thermoregulatory questions on a broad range of phyla and topics.

Potential graduate students should be interested in research in the area of thermoregulatory physiology.  We use comparative animal models (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals) to integrate behaviour and physiology to understand the neural control of body temperature, how temperature and environmental stressors impact physiological responses, and how thermoregulation has evolved in the animal kingdom.  Students work on a range of projects in the lab or in the field, and often I co-supervise or work with students remotely on projects of mutual interest.

Graduate Students receive a annual stipend to support their research, and thus the process is competitive. Students with a background or interest in animal physiology, behavioural ecology,  neuro-physiology, or biochemistry are encouraged to apply.

For Canadian or permanent residents, if you are planning to apply for NSERC graduate funding, you are also encouraged to contact me to discuss potential projects.  Previous scholarship funded students have conducted their graduate research in the field in places like Algonquin Park and Brasil, and having your own funding expands the option of questions we can address.

Please contact Dr. Glenn Tattersall providing information on your research interests and prior experience, and a logical reason for why you would want to join this laboratory.  I do strongly urge potential applicants to read my website and some of the lab’s papers before sending an email.  I receive many emails outlining a candidate’s research interests in fields that are incredibly far removed from mine and that are not specific to the research questions we work on, and these are not necessarily going to receive a reply.  For international applicants especially, please take the time to develop a hypothesis or question of interest and indicate whether you have funding support.  It is extremely challenging to provide adequate levels of funding for international students, so I would encourage you to seek opportunities for external scholarship if wishing to pursue graduate studies in Canada.

If you came here as an undergraduate looking to volunteer, please read this webpage.  I answer a few commonly asked questions at this site.