Arrived in Isabela

Long distance flight is for chumps. I don’t know how birds do it. Not to sound like I’m complaining, but it really is a long journey to get to Isabela Island from Toronto. Not helped when bird gets sucked into the plane engine at JFK airport and causes a delay in your flight…I would like to take a moment to reflect on that poor bird and what happened to it. Honestly, though…take a look at where JFK airport is located! It’s right on the ocean near a wildlife refuge!! Duh, of course there will be birds flying nearby. Anyhow, I think the theme of some future blog posts will be the stupidity of human/animal interactions, and I’m not talking about the animals. We build things right in front of natural animal corridors and expect animals to change? Anyhow, that delayed me a day in NY, then I arrived in Guayquil, Ecuador and had another overnight delay to catch the morning flight to Baltra, Galapagos. At this stage, I lucked out…took the bus, then boat, then taxi, then another boat and arrived 5 hours later in Isabela.

DSC 0125

Once I saw the Pelicans, I knew I was in the right place! I’m also trying out my new camera, a Nikon 5200D with 18-55 and 55-300 mm lens. So far, amazing pics!! Stay tuned, I might be able to upload them, assuming the internet works here.