Wish me luck!

Starting up the blog again here…just a brief post, but I am heading back to Galapagos, so what better time to write. I don’t think anyone wants to hear about what I have to say about zoology and physiology in Niagara region on a regular basis. Anyhow, I’ll be spending 11 days with the Isabela Oceanographic Institute tagging along a field course run by the University of Miami. I’ll try to post pictures or musings. The (slightly) comical aspect of this trip is that I found out before my trip that my status in Galapagos is uncertain. Apparently the authorities at the airport did not have a record that I left in May, which implies that I have been hiding out somewhere on the Galapagos without permission. As I sit here in the airport at Toronto waiting for my flight, I have just had word from the officials in Galapagos that my paperwork has finally reached the authorities. It’s déjà vu all over again. This is precisely what our last trip was like, when we received our visas via email on the flight down. Brinkmanship is the name of the game here. Anyhow, wish me luck. Hopefully my next post will be from near the equator.