ThermImageJ – ImageJ Functions and Macros for Thermal Imaging

After a long delay, I’ve released a series of functions and macros for working with thermal images in ImageJ/FIIJ. This is a sequel to the Thermimage Package for R.

The source files, instructions for installation, and basic function explanations can be found on github here:

The more difficult parts are getting the command line tools installed on your system. Installing the toolset will give easy access to the main macros from the toolbar or from the Plugins-Macros menu:

Additional look up tables are included as well, along with all the built in LUTs from ImageJ, allowing for easy access to palettes:

I’ve also added some short-cut ROI tools to help with the tedious task of extracting temperature information from moving targets in videos or image stacks:

This work is the result of ~3 years of self-directed inquiry. If you find this useful, please drop me a line to let me know, and kindly consider citing the software (or a future publication) when you use it.

Glenn J. Tattersall. (2019). ThermImageJ: Thermal Image Functions and Macros for ImageJ. doi:10.5281/zenodo.2652896.

Bugs or issues can be filed here.