Visitor to the lab

The lab has recently had the pleasure of hosting a Post-Doctoral Fellow visitor to the lab (funded by an Aharon Ephraim Katzir Study Grant – Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities).  Dr. Vlad Demartsev, from Tel Aviv University, has been spending the past 4 weeks in the cold of Canada (mostly indoors) learning the ins and outs of infrared thermal imaging, video analysis, and open-source data extraction methods we have been  developing, and will be taking his skills back home where he plans to incorporate this with his research into animal communication (here is a link to his recent paper on male Hyrax singing).

Here he is at the Toronto Zoo doing his best impression of a meerkat (many thanks to the African mammal keepers at the Toronto Zoo for allowing us the chance to visit!).


It was a great pleasure to have Vlad visit.  I only wish I had more time to spare to interact with him and his family.  I guess the solution will be to visit him in Israel or South Africa!  Stay tuned to this space…


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  1. The warm welcome compensated well for the cold weather! Thank you for the hospitality! I had a great time and learned a lot from such a short visit. Will keep in touch and fingers crossed for South Africa!


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