Lab Members

I did not realise how rapidly my lab has grown.  So much that it made sense to have a lab outing (beer and pizza, really), and a chance for a group photo for those present.

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I used to fear having a large lab, because of not being able to stay on top of everyone’s research project.  But when you have the right group of people, they help each other out with many of the day to day curiosities of university life.  Thanks to all you guys for being part of my lab.

Left to Right: Susan Wang, Justin Bridgeman, Anne Yagi, Curtis Abney, Me, Katlyn Dundas.

Photos taken by esteemed lab visitor, Kathryn Yagi.   Missing from photo: Viviana Cadena (who is writing up!) and lab mascot, Ceilidh (my dog) who was hiding somewhere in the house.