Generating interest in your science and writing…

Scientists receive pressures from every angle to perform and justify their existence (parents, deans, students, bureaucrats, politicians, you name it..).  One reason for re-vamping my lab website was to keep a chronicle of lab activities as well as provide a more digestible version of our science to the public.  Since our work is sometimes highlighted by science writers and reporters, I had always assumed it was the scientists who had a tough time getting recognised.  Then I read the blog of a Science Writer, Diane Crow, who had contacted me a few months ago, interviewed me about our work on tegus.  She writes about how she tried to pitch her writing to news-outlets.  Sounds similar to a scientist’s challenge to get their work published.


For anyone interested in science writing and the challenges inherent to it, check out Diane’s blog:

She gives an excellent and frank account of how a science writer has to make what scientists write interesting and friendly to readers.  Sadly, in the case of the tegu story,  this was a pitch that did not work, but that is one of the reasons why I wanted to post a link to her blog!  We appreciate your work!

Here’s to you Diane!   Keep up the good work and engagement on science!