Burning love for our science?

I just found out that an image from our published research has been selected by NSERC’s “Science Exposed” contest.  This photo is an actual research figure but also a captivating depiction of a novel discovery: namely endothermy in a lizard.


Here is the photo.

The link to vote is here:


We would all appreciate your vote.  I know some of the other pictures are stunning landscapes and digitally rendered fluorescent images, but our lizard image is the genuine article.

For more information on the science article, please see:


Tattersall, GJ, Leite, CAC, Sanders, CE, Cadena, V, Andrade, DV, Abe, AS, and Milsom WK. 2016. Seasonal reproductive endothermy in tegu lizards. Science Advances. 2: e1500951.