Thermimage for R on CRAN


I’ve updated the Thermimage package.  The recent update includes calculations for modelling heat transfer from radiative and convective heat transfer from the animal to the environment, using temperatures captured from infrared thermal images.

The assumption is that the user already has temperature information captured and is simply using R to to analyse temperatures.  I am working on scripts for importing FLIR images into R but these are not yet included in Thermimage, since these scripts rely on external applications (EXIFTOOL) that have implementation issues in R.  (Edit: July 20, 2016, v 2.2.0 has a function for importing FLIR thermal jpgs for processing in R)

Thermimage is on Cran now at the following url:

Sample scripts on how to put the heat transfer equations to use are at:

I’ve also included a script to “test” the validity of the thermal image calculations where I convert the binary thermal image data into temperature:


Any issues with the code can be raised here: