To kill a mockingbird? How could you!? Perhaps simply to film a mockingbird?

We have been making great strides in our ‘field thermography’ project here. Finches are in great abundance and even allow us to get close enough for imagery. There are, of course, numerous other animals interesting enough to take thermographs of, and some are even keen to help out!! The Galapagos Mockingbird here has been frequenting our field site and is very curious of our technology. So much so that here it is sat perched on my thermal camera while I stopped to take some weather readings:
IMG 0851
It is really quite adorable, although he likes to bully the other birds and chases the finches away from the camera. Not a very helpful field assistant.
Oh…some good news. I’ve just been invited to film some of the giant tortoises up close. I might actually get to do some tortoise Science!!