On why I became a biologist

Earlier this week, I attended an ‘Interpretative reading’ competition at my nephew’s school.  Needless to say, I would not be attending the competition if my nephew were not competing. 🙂

He chose to read Farley Mowat’s opening chapter to Never Cry Wolf.  I would paste the chapter here, but likely be sued for copyright infringement, but suffice to say, Mowat’s eloquent introduction to how he became a biologist rings familiar.  Fish or frog catching in local streams and bringing these animals home to examine is a common theme in many a biologist’s background. The same can be said for my own desire to be a biologist, and what I remind myself every day is that a certain portion of my job involves simply exploring the natural world much like a child would, with fascination but far less poking with sticks.

Oh, and my nephew…he won first place for his reading.  Congratulations!!