On why I became a biologist

Earlier this week, I attended an ‘Interpretative reading’ competition at my nephew’s school. ¬†Needless to say, I would not be attending the competition if my nephew were not competing. ūüôā

He chose to read Farley Mowat’s opening chapter to Never Cry Wolf. ¬†I would paste the chapter here, but likely be sued for copyright infringement, but suffice to say, Mowat’s eloquent introduction to how he became a biologist rings familiar. ¬†Fish or frog catching in local streams and bringing these animals home to examine is a common theme in many a biologist’s background. The same can be said for my own desire to be a biologist, and what I remind myself every day is that a certain portion of my job involves simply exploring the natural world much like a child would, with fascination but far less poking with sticks.

Oh, and my nephew…he won first place for his reading. ¬†Congratulations!!


I have decided to start a blog, and it seems fitting that the first entry would include the animal that has inspired me.  Ramphastos toco, or the Toco Toucan (shown above) will likely be the subject of future blogs, but I wanted to name the blog after this South American bird as a tribute to the country that has hosted me for so many years (Brazil) to conduct research.

Otherwise, I have nothing yet interesting to write, but since I want to have a post to start this whole blog, here it is.

– Glenn Tattersall