Current Members

KatYagi.jpgKatharine Yagi

BSc Hons, (University of Guelph)
MSc (Laurentian University)
PhD (McGill University)
Research Associate and Post-Doctoral Fellow
Personal Website

NSkakichNick Sakich

BSc Hons (University of Guelph)
MSc Student, Brock University
Research Topic: Water conservation and thermoregulatory responses in bearded dragons

JustinBridgemanJustin Bridgeman

BSc Hons (Brock University)
MSc Student, Brock University
Thesis Topic: Thermal biology and behaviour of fish
Email: jb08ah [at]

AnneYagi_sAnne Yagi

BSc Hons (Guelph)
Conservation Biologist
MSc Student, Brock Univerisity
Thesis Topic: Assessing the potential for submergence survival in overwintering snakes
Email: ay12dy [at]